Millers Oils CRX 75w140 NT+ Transmission Oil



Millers Oils CRX 75w140 NT+ Transmission Oil 7990-1L & 7990-5L

• Open or torque biasing (Torsen, Quaiffe, etc.) differentials
• Dedicated track cars with clutch type differentials
• Gearboxes requiring heavier gear oil

A competition heavy-duty fully synthetic transmission oil for highly stressed applications incorporating a blend of synthetic base stocks and shear stable viscosity modifiers. Formulated using a unique combination of improved chemistry and lower friction NANODRIVE additives to massively reduce friction vs a standard oil. For use in manual transmissions, synchromesh, non-synchromesh, sequential gearboxes, transfer gearboxes, transaxles and hypoid differentials. The Millers Oils range of competition gear oils is fully synthetic and incorporates second generation NANODRIVE low friction technology to achieve winning results in both professional and nonprofessional racing.

Designed for the lubrication of competition transmission systems which are subject to high stresses or arduous applications e.g. long distance racing on very high power and torque output. Manual transmissions, synchromesh, non-synchromesh, sequential gearboxes, transfer gearboxes, transaxles and hypoid differentials without limited slip, which require API GL4 or GL5 performance. Recommended for modern transmissions where fully synthetic oil is specified, especially for high performance road and track day applications. Hewland, Xtrac, Glebe Transmissions, ZF, Tran X, Elite Transmissions, Samsonas.

Note: Not suitable for plate type limited slip differentials, instead use CRX LS 75w140 NT+.


  • Laboratory tests and results show up to a further 15% reduction in friction and up to a further 17% reduction in wear over the previous award winning NT range
  • Exceptional cold flow properties for easier gear changes
  • Proven solution to gearbox problems in high performance rally cars
  • Very good oxidation resistance and superior thermal stability
  • Low friction formulation to help reduce operating temperatures
  • High film strength for maximum component protection
  • Significantly reduces friction, temperature, wear and minimizes power loss
  • Also compatible in non LS axles and transaxles
  • Triple ester formulation works synergistically for optimized film strength and anti-wear protection
  • Second generation NANODRIVE low friction technology maximizes torque and power


  • API GL4
  • API GL5
  • API MT-1
  • MIL-PRF-2105E
  • ZF TE-ML-05B
  • ZF TE-ML-07A
  • ZF TE-ML-12B
  • ZF-TE-ML-16F
  • ZF TE-ML-17B

SAE Viscosity Grade 75w140
Specific Gravity@15°C 0.887
Kinematic Viscosity@40°C  164cSt
Kinematic Viscosity@100°C  24.5cSt
Brookfield Viscosity@-40°C 105,000mPas
Viscosity Index 182

Health and Safety Data Sheet 7990 applies to this product. When used for the purpose recommended and with due regard to the appropriate Health and Safety Data, the product should cause no concern.

7990-1L & 7990-5L