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Lifeline Advanced Suppression

About Lifeline


Why is Lifeline one of the key players in motorsport safety? Since the company was formed almost thirty five years ago, in 1980, the key to its progress – and success – has been in Research and development. It is this constant striving to create a better product that keeps it ahead of the competition.

Having built a solid reputation for innovative fire knock-down systems, lifeline soon began drawing on it’s considerable technical skills to develop other motorsport products where safety was at a premium.



Lifeline Footprint

You will find Lifeline products in use the world over – in F1, Le Mans Series, Indycar, right down to the Sunday Clubman driver. And it’s this grass roots-up attitude that enables us to stay ahead of our competition, while racers battle to stay ahead of theirs – knowing that they are being protected by the best safety products available.


Lifeline Fire Suppression




As advisors to the Federation Internationale d’Automobile (FIA) Safety Institute and also committee members of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), Lifeline’s role is not only as manufacturers but also as a business helping to formulate the safety regulations for the next generation. 


Research and Development

Lifeline’s continuous commitment to research and development ensures that we supply the most innovative and cutting edge products available. Used by the majority of the world’s motorsport championship-winning drivers, teams and constructors – Lifeline has a stringent and proven history of success.

Lifeline’s Zero 360 systems are the result of over 7 years of intensive research and development using 3M’s™ Novec™ 1230 environmentally friendly gas extinguishant. Already in use by many world championship motor racing teams and constructors Zero 360 is the racer’s number one choice – an unparalleled test. By using Lifeline’s Compression Discharge technology, superior results are assured over standard stored pressure systems. This is because only pure undiluted extinguishing agent is deployed, unlike others that are saturated with Nitrogen, thereby reducing efficiency of the agent. Available in sizes to suit all applications – with either electrical, pull cable, or automatic activation. All parts are CAD designed and CNC machined for optimum performance. Each part of every fitting kit has been carefully designed and specified for a professional and simple installation.


Lifeline Fire Suppression


Service and Support

LifelineUSA provides a total fire extinguisher service and support facility. Lifeline systems are resilient to case damage in the event of accidents thus ensuring the highest protection levels. Lifeline uses only the finest quality components both in the unit and the installation kit supplied with each system.

Lifeline extinguisher products are environmentally friendly and only require servicing every two years. This 2-year service cycle is an important part of ensuring that equipment is kept in the best possible condition and ready to help protect personnel and assets. For more information regarding our fire safety equipment and fire safety systems please contact us today via 1.866.720.9866 or email us at


Product Line

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