The ROUX Helmets Cool-X Hose Assembly integrates seamlessly with your Cool Shirt and F.A.S.T. System to provide ice cold water to your shirt AND your water-cooling-system-equipped ROUX helmet. The result is a simplified system that eliminates the need to purchase an additional cooling system for your helmet.

The Cool-X Hose Assembly replaces your original F.A.S.T. System hose assembly and is configured like a “Y”, incorporating an additional set of tubes that branch off and connect to the right-side of your ROUX helmet.

The red button allows for a quick-release when disconnecting and exiting your race car.

The ROUX Helmets Cool-X Hose Assembly provides the following features:

• Hose Assembly wrapped in extra thick insulation and a protective sheath that will keep your ice water extra cold as it travels from your F.A.S.T. System to your ROUX helmet and Cool Shirt.
• Quick Release
• Eliminates need for a second system in order to cool your helmet.
• Integrates seamlessly with the ROUX R-1C Composite and ROUX R-1CF Gloss Carbon.