Zero 2000 FIA 4.0 ltr Electric Fire Suppression System




For touring and rally cars there is no better foam-based system. Distributing 2.0ltr of extinguishant to the engine through 4 nozzles and 2.0ltr of extinguishant to the cockpit through 4 nozzles. This system uses our latest development of water mist technology and finest components in both its construction and comprehensive installation kit.

The very best in foam based extinguisher systems with new nozzle technology (4 nozzles in the engine and 4 in the cockpit) with reduced delivery tube diameter (8mm) the Zero 2000 range now has faster heat absorption and fire knock down capability. Supplied as a complete installation kit with anti-torpedo brackets and all the components necessary for a professional installation. Available in either electrical or mechanical actuation.

Electric systems are activated by pressing a strategically mounted momentary push button. Using a military specification actuator to detonate the extinguisher, the actuator extends a steel pin upon activation breaking a frangible seal in the neck of the cylinder and thus discharging the contents.

AllĀ electrical systems have their own independent power supply called a power pack that has facilities for checking the battery strength and circuit continuity as well as giving a visible indication that the system is armed.

Kit Includes

  • 8m of 8mm Alloy Tubing x 1
  • Power Pack x 1
  • Plug and Lead Assembly x 2
  • Push Button x 2
  • Bracket and Straps x 1
  • 8mm Bulkhead fitting x 1
  • New Misting Nozzles x 8
  • 8mm Equal T x 6
**This product is labeled 4L which is the typically accepted equivalent of a 5lbs system, but consult your series for confirmation.**