SW4 Wheel

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AIM’s SW4 is one of the most versatile steering wheels on the market,
compatible with a long list of ECU protocols to meet any driver’s needs.

Containing a fully configurable TFT display, alowing all data to be recorded directly in the wheel.

Individually configurable pushbuttons

  • 8 completely configurable buttons and 2 additional free contact normal open buttons.

Rotary Switches

  • SW4 completely configurable rotary switches.

One by one configurable LEDs

  • Shift lights can be configured for each gear, choosing LED colours and RPM threshold values which will turn it on/off.
  • 4 alarm LEDs are configurable, too.

SW4 can be upgraded adding paddle shifts and clutch shifts.

The ergonomic handle grips are made of high-density polyurethane, designed for the best grip and comfort in any racing situation, and they’re fully replaceable.