Lifeline Zero 275 0-4m3 – Lightweight 8865 Fire Suppression System




Lifeline continues its market leading development of the FIA’s 8865-2015 standard, launching the lightest and most compact 8865-2015 extinguisher system currently available – Zero 275. The full system, including all ancillaries, weighs under 3.5kgs. The compact filled cylinder weighs just 2.7kg and is 125mm in diameter with a total length of 308mm making it simple to install, easy to package and lightweight.

During the development of Zero 275, Lifeline employed the use of advanced fluid dynamics analysis to make a significant step forward in driver safety. As a result only 0.3kg of Monnex is efficiently used, allowing the cockpit nozzle to be floor mounted, which aids in lowering the vehicle’s overall center of gravity.

In the engine bay, 3 outlets and the use of ColdFire accounts for a significant reduction in suppressant volume when compared to previous 8865-2015 systems. Efficient design of the system, combined with intelligent use of materials, results in the cost of an 8865 system being comparable to FIA Technical List 16 systems.

Kit Includes

  • Floor Mounted Cockpit Nozzle – 955-300-025 x 1
  • Engine Bay Nozzles – 955-300-013 x 3
  • FIA complaint Bracket and Straps – 920-100-008-FIA x 1
  • Tubing, 10mm Dia in Cockpit – 951-101-021, 8mm Dia in engine – 951-101-019
  • Cross Connector – 952-408-007 x 1
  • Intelligent Control Box – 941-000-040 x 1,
  • Waterproof switches – 942-100-004 x 2
  • Wiring For switches 943-101-005 x 2 and Control Box 943-101-044 x 1

Installation Instructions