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A Nomex fire-resistant shirt is something that we hope you never have to rely upon in your career as a race car driver. However, if the time arises where you do need it, it could save your life or spare you from severe injury. Put simply, a Nomex fire-resistant shirt is a vital piece of safety equipment if you race stock cars, sports cars, or open-wheel race cars. If you are involved in a crash, which becomes increasingly more likely the longer you’re involved in the sport, our K1 Nomex fire-resistant shirt can provide invaluable protection at a critical time. Even 30 seconds of additional fire protection can prove the difference between walking away unscathed and much more dire consequences. We cannot stress this enough if you are involved in auto racing: Nomex fire-resistant shirts and undergarments are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

What you might not know about Nomex clothing items like our Nomex shirt is that they provide much more than simple fire protection. We strongly encourage that race car drivers at the amateur level take extra precaution and purchase Nomex shirts and underwear, not only because we view them as essential safety items (no different than race helmets and seat belts), but also because they can keep you comfortable, which in turn can allow you to focus on the task of driving. Nomex clothing, like our Nomex fire-resistant shirt, is designed to absorb perspiration and promote airflow, which will help keep you cool and dry in the cabin even over multiple laps. It cannot be said enough that a comfortable driver is a focused driver, and a focused driver is a good driver. You need to be paying attention to the car, the track, and your competitors, not how uncomfortable you feel.