Hans® Stand 21 Club Series 20° 950G


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M, L


Made in injected resin, the HANS® Club Series 950g offers important protection with reduced bulk.

Lighter and more comfortable than its predecessor, the HANS® Club Series 950g hold the driver’s head during frontal shocks and highly reduces cerebral damages and cervical injuries.

Weight: 950g
Inclination: 20°
Sizes: M, L
Approval: FIA 8858-2010 

HANS Sizing Chart

  • Use the chart provided to determine which HANS Device best fits you
  • Due to differences in torso and muscle shapes, it is difficult to predict exact fitments for specific neck sizes
  • You may find that several HANS Devices fit your body – choose the most comfortable one
  • All HANS Devices work exactly the same no matter which size you choose
  • Measure circumference at base of the neck