ChillOut Club Series Cooling Shirt


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Black, Grey, Navy


Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL


These shirts require a Dual Prong Connector to connect to a Quantum cooler system. Shirts do not come with any connectors.

The new Club Series cooling shirt is made from dual layers of soft stretch cotton concealing a strategically structured layer of thermal conductive cooling veins that target the most vital region of the body – the core.

With cooling veins constructed of a matte fire-resistant, self-extinguishing compound developed by the US Military, this cooling shirt is rugged and durable, perfect for tracking or test days.

While other Chillout shirts are designed specifically for the Quantum Cooler, the Club Series can be paired with an ice-based cooling system as well.

Featuring dry-release hose connectors, spillage isn’t an issue because the fluid stops when disconnected.