Zero 2000 FIA 4.0 ltr Fire Marshal Steel Fire Suppression System




The very best in foam based extinguisher systems with new nozzle technology (4 nozzles in the engine and 4 in the cockpit) with reduced delivery tube diameter (8mm) the Zero 2000 range now has faster heat absorption and fire knock down capability.

Supplied as a complete installation kit with anti-torpedo brackets and all the components necessary for a professional installation.

Available in either electrical or mechanical actuation.



Fire Marshal Systems are mechanical in operation being activated by strategically placed pull cables. The fire marshal valve is a high quality hand held commercial valve that has been modified by Lifeline to allow total discharge and fitting of pull cables.

Kit Includes

  • 2m/6ft Pull Cable x 1
  • 4m/12ft Pull Cable x 1
  • New Misting Nozzle x 8
  • 8mm Equal T Connector x6
  • 8m of 8mm Alloy Tubing
  • 8mm Bulkhead x 1
  • Decal Pack x 1
  • Tube Clips x 5

**This product is labeled 4L which is the typically accepted equivalent of a 5lbs system, but consult your series for confirmation.**

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