Simpson Hybrid S


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XS, S, M, L, XL


The Hybrid S Head Restraint is FIA and SFI approved (when worn with a multi-point harness system) and is tested and shown to be compatible with 3-point harnesses used by Car Club enthusiasts and High Performance Driving Experiences. This allows Driving Instructors, Auto Manufacturing Test Engineers, and other cars with 3-point harnesses to have added protection.  We are pleased to offer protection to this sector of the market, however, Simpson’s top concern is your safety.  While on a racetrack for the BEST protection we suggest a Full-Containment Cockpit System that includes a, Full Containment Seat, Snell rated Helmet, FIA or SFI approved Head Restraint, and 7 point seatbelt harness system.


  • FIA and SFI Approved with 5, 6 and 7 multi-point harness systems
  • FMVSS Tested for use with 3-point OEM belt system
  • High quality carbon fiber construction
  • Low profile. No high back to hook on the bars on exit
  • Multiple load paths to dissipate head loads
  • Buckle attachment in front. No bulky straps underneath
  • Installation manual
  • NOTE: Helmets anchors sold separately

Click here for a webinar on using the Hybrid S with 3-point belt systems. Courtesty of Motorsport.reg and Simpson Performance Products.