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The ROUX R-1FBM Fiberglass helmet is SNELL 2015-rated, and is built just like the R-1 Fiberglass without accessories. It does however include factory installed HANS anchor threaded backing plates, and ROUX’s RELEASE emergency helmet removal system. Available in gloss white.

All ROUX helmets include a top air-duct that flows fresh air onto your face when in an open-cockpit race car. The top air-duct can be used in conjunction with the ROUX Helmets Forced Air Scoop and a blower system when in a closed-cockpit race car.

The RELEASE emergency helmet removal system enables safety crews to remove your helmet, quickly and easily, without putting any stress on the neck, which could cause serious injuries.

The ROUX R-1FBM Fiberglass provides the following features:

• SNELL 2015-Rated
• Factory installed HANS anchor threaded backing plates
• RELEASE emergency helmet removal system
• Top air-duct and face vents for use in open-cockpits or in conjunction with ROUX Helmets Forced Air Scoop in closed-cockpits
• Available in white

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