Odyssey PC680 Extreme Series Performance Battery




ODYSSEY Extreme Series Battery Model PC680

The Odyssey Extreme Series Powersports Battery is designed for the powerful powersport vehicle’s application. Your powersport car is need of an equally, and even more powerful battery, and that is where the Powersports Battery from Odyssey battery comes in. This battery is engineered to withstand frequent pounding that is typical in a powersport vehicle, regardless if your ride is traversing on land, snow, or sea. This product is created with a non-spillable AGM pattern that allows the Odyssey battery to efficiently roll with the usual curves of the running powersport vehicle. And the military inspired design of this Extreme Series Powersports Battery effectively cushions the battery against any blow, and this is made possible also through the superior vibration resistance technology installed in this product. The vibration resistance feature of this battery safeguards from the high impact shocks that normally causes untimely failure of the battery.

The Odyssey Battery Extreme Series Powersports Battery in equipped with twice the power and three times the lifespan compared to the conventional batteries. It is also capable of providing massive starting power that is definitely perfect for your powersport vehicle. This battery is maintenance free, as there is no need to add water to it.



  • Extreme Powersport Battery
  • 520 PHCA
  • 170 CCA
  • 280 MCA
  • RC Min. 24
  • L-7.27 in.
  • W-3.11 in.
  • H-7.55 in.
  • w/Internal Threaded Brass Terminals w/M6 Stainless Steel Bolts


  • Rugged Construction
  • With Non-Spillable AGM Design that Protects Against Shock and Vibration
  • Twice the Over-All Power of Conventional Batteries
  • With Three Times the Life of Ordinary Batteries

EnerSys Energy Products Inc. manufactures Odyssey batteries, and they are an exclusively owned subsidiary of the giant company of EnerSys. EnerSys is a recognized and trusted global leader in the industry of stored energy solutions in the fields of automotive, industrial, and military applications. They have numerous manufacturing facilities located in 17 different countries, and they have sales and service offices all over the world.

EnerSys is backed with more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing batteries, and they are a dominant partner when it comes to stored energy for automotive, heavy duty equipment, marine, powersports service, as well as parts provider. Odyssey batteries are produced in accordance to the strict standard of quality implemented by EnerSys. The extremely durable and long-lasting batteries from Odyssey batteries are manufactured in their two facilities located globally, which are in Warrensburg, Missouri USA, and in Newport, Wales United Kingdom. Odyssey Battery offers exceptional batteries that are long lasting compared to conventional batteries, and their batteries are maintenance free. With Odyssey batteries, huge savings are made possible in terms of time and money.


(internal threaded brass terminals, M6 SS bolts, and L bracket adapter)